LiftwizardGraphQLLoggingInstrumentation is an implementation of Instrumentation from GraphQL Java that adds helpful context to slf4j's Mapped Diagnostic Context .For example, say that during the execution of a DataFetcher , we execute a database query and log its sql. It would be helpful to see the query in the context of the DataFetcher that executed it, along with the GraphQL field and its type, and the path we took through the graph on the way to this field.This Instrumentation adds these fields to MDC, prefixed with liftwizard.graphql .To turn it on, either run the entire graphql/ LiftwizardGraphQLBundle or just add LiftwizardGraphQLLoggingInstrumentation to the list of instrumentations on your GraphQLFactory . java GraphQLFactory factory = ...; var loggingInstrumentation = new LiftwizardGraphQLLoggingInstrumentation(); List<Instrumentation> instrumentations = List.of(loggingInstrumentation); factory.setInstrumentations(instrumentations); Here's an example of what SQL logging might look like with MDC attached when formatted by the "file-logstash" appender. LiftwizardGraphQLLoggingInstrumentation lives in the liftwizard-graphql-instrumentation-logging module. xml <dependency> <groupId>io.liftwizard</groupId> <artifactId>liftwizard-graphql-instrumentation-logging</artifactId> </dependency>